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"IHOP believes that the human rights movement in Turkey, which comprises all individuals, groups, and NGOs that are carrying out activities and making efforts for bringing about respect for human rights and freedoms and promoting these rights at national and international levels, towards the purpose of the State’s fulfilling its …

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IHOP Strategy

In the face of the political environment currently surrounding us, the developments detrimental to human rights and freedoms gaining permanence in the international domain, and the State’s exploiting these trends as grounds for harboring anti-democratic elements; the increasing need for strengthening the human rights struggle and the need for the …

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IHOP Structure

Human Rights Joint Platform is an independent platform composed of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, Human Rights Association  and Amnesty International Turkey. Human Rights Joint Platform is an independent medium of sharing made up of the four NGOs operating in the domain of human rights and freedoms and development of democracy in …

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Abolish Article 301 Immediately

TCK 301'e karsi basin aciklamasi fotografi-TBMM Onu

We are here to share our proposal for a draft bill on the article 301 of Turkish Penal Code which is signed by 20 thousands individuals from different segments of society and supported by more than 100 organisations representing thousands of citizens.   We demand immediate abolishment of the article 301 …

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Draft Law Proposal for Article 301

In the course of next week, the Human Rights Joint Platform will submit to the President of the GNAT, Mr Bülent Arınç, the proposal for a draft law concerning Article 301 which it has prepared together with the Peace Initiative and the signatures collected in support of it. The proposal …

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Freedom of Thought Campaign continues!

Because Hrant Dink has been targeted and murdered because of the article 301 cases brought before the court against him. The Freedom of Thought campaign, launched by Human Rights Joint Platform which is established by Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly, Human Rights Association, MAZLUMDER, and Amnesty International Turkey on 30 November 2006, …

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Isolation Conditions in F Type Prisons

In the year 2000, 11 F-type prisons were opened introducing cell system. The protests and hunger strikes resisting these prisons were started in October 2000 with around 1000 inmates and ended on 19 December 2000 when pressed down after a bloody operation during the transfer of the detainees and convicts …

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Let’s Talk Free from Bans, Fears, and Threats!

Freedom of Expression is the prerequisite for a democratic regime and the autonomy of the individual. It is the medium for breathing life and spirit in the approach and understanding that the ideas cannot be tested in an environment of fear and repression but rather in an environment of fearless …

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IHOP Steering Committee visits president of the Parliament

"Law is not enough for freedom, changes in ideas are also must"   IHOP Steering Committee members  visited the president of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Mr. Bulent Arınç in his office to inform him about the ongoing "Freedom of Expression Campaign" on 13 October 2006. The members of the …

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