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Lobbying Meetings

IHOP representatives had meetings with various sectors of the society.

Meeting with TUSIAD Ankara Chair

Levent Korkut had a meeting with the chair of TUSIAD (The businessmen association) to share information and ideas on 1 November 2006.


Meeting with Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

Representatives from HRA, MAZLUMDER, AI Turkey and IHOP General Coordinator had a meeting with Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights who had a visit to Turkey on 1 November 2006. The barriers on freedom of expression have been raised in the meeting.


Meeting with Abdullah Gül, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

A meeting with Abdullah Gül was held on 16 November 2006 to inform about the aims and demands of the campaign. Ümit Fırat, Yusuf Alataş, Ayhan Bilgen, Sema Alpan Atamer, Feray Salman and Yılmaz Ensaroğlu had attended the meeting. It was emphasized in the meeting that not an amendment but the total abolishment of the article 301 is necessary. Although a massive media participation occurred, media did not cover the meeting.


Meeting with the President of the Parliament

Members of the IHOP Steering Committee has visited the President of the Parliament Bülent Arınç in order to inform him on the Freedom of Thought Campaign. Yusuf Alataş, Levent Korkut, Ümit Fırat, Ayhan Bilgen, and Zeynep Kıvılcım Forsman has participated the meeting.


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