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Arms must be brought to silence! People should no longer be killed!

This is a period of time, in which the need for peace is felt more than ever throughout the world. A permanent and true PEACE can only be established with the pursuit of the craving of a world where everybody can live equally and freely.  The indispensable condition for the full application of the human rights is the domination of peace.

 The world peace day on 1st of September has a much deeper meaning at a time, in which all arts of freedom, particularly the right of life, are threatened by occupations, wars and hostilities. Indicating that the desire to carry out military operations in Iraq as the justification for sending military troops to Lebanon does not only have the nature of a regional threat to peace but sending military troops and assuming active responsibility for establishing the peace in Middle East means that there is a probability and real risk of being involved in conflicts at any given time.


Therefore, both situations should not be confused. Turkey must avoid any action that would make it even more difficult to find solutions to conflicts and increase the risk of clashing with its neighbors and instead develop initiatives for making an end to the conflicts that have been ongoing for a long time. Furthermore, Turkey should avoid any action that would increase the tensions in the community and should always keep in mind its essential responsibility for developing the peace within the country.  The equal use of human rights and freedoms by everybody for the security of the individuals and community in Turkey is indispensable. It has been seen many times up to date that peace cannot be realized with the use of power and by way of armed violence. It is obvious that insisting on policies that would establish the basis for conflicts in the society will make no contribution to the speriority of law and human rights. Our organizations request from the states including Turkey and international institutions the fulfillment of the following demands in the short term with the aim of establishing permanent peace throughout the world:


 – The necessary arrangements must be made with the reforms in UN in order to provide for the equal representation of the peoples of the world and to eliminate the individual control of states in such way that the mission of the organization for protecting the peace can be accomplished,


– The crime of aggression that has not yet been defined in the Statute of Rome that has founded the International Criminal Court should be defined in the shortest possible period and included in the jurisdiction of the Court,


–  All states without exception should sign and sanction the existing international human rights and human law agreements,


– The states that have not signed the Statute of Rome that has founded the International Criminal Court within the foreseen period should sign it and the states that have signed it should sanction the statute as soon as possible.


We would like to use the opportunity given to us as a result of 1st of September World Peace Day to repeat that we have hope for the establishment of peace throughout the world and say “The arms should be brought to silence! The people should no longer be killed!”.

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